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Situated in the heart of Perry Hall, MD, Young Hans Hardwood Floors and Windows has been a cornerstone in the community for home improvements. Our locally owned and operated company understands the importance of great service and quality workmanship. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with Perry Hall homeowners, offering services that are highly recommended for their excellence and attention to detail.

Here at J Younghans & Sons, we are window and door specialists and enthusiasts! In 1991, we began as a hardwood floor company in Perry Hall. As we grew, our customers asked if we could help with with various projects and so we worked hard to become experts in roofing, siding, windows and doors, and remodeling. However, we found our passion with Windows and doors. Now that we are certified installers we can provide the best warranties on our products. 

Windows and doors are a key component and the appearance and atmosphere of a home, which is why it is so crucial to make sure they are chosen carefully and installed correctly. The wrong product or installation could leave you with more than just a headache.

Our happy customers is what keeps J Younghans alive and excited for the next project. We We stand by our services and take pride in the final product. We can’t wait to help you with your project next! If you want to see our selection, schedule a free estimate with us today!

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Old windows are more than an eyesore; they’re often the reason for escalating energy bills. Our window installers specialize in window replacement, offering everything from double-hung windows to custom windows and picture windows. We even have options for triple pane windows and energy-efficient windows, helping you save money and lower those energy bills.

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When it comes to selecting window replacement companies, Perry Hall residents know we’re the one company that can handle an array of needs. From new windows to window replacement and even roofing, we cover it all in a professional manner. Our services extend to various types of projects, offering an all-inclusive solution for improving your house into a dream home.

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Why Choose Us?

Young Hans Hardwood Floors and Windows in Perry Hall, MD is committed to providing best-in-class service with a focus on quality, effective communication, and customer relationships. Our attentive staff keeps you well-informed throughout the project, delivering cost-effective, high-quality home solutions that make us a highly recommended choice in the community.

Quality Service

Our entire process, from initial consultation to project completion, is geared to offer you the best-in-class service. We pay close attention to details, ensuring each frame, window, and door meets our stringent quality standards.

Building Lasting Relationships

We value the relationships we build with our Perry Hall homeowners and community. This commitment extends to every aspect of our business and is a reason why we are so highly recommended.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We understand that home improvements are an investment. That's why we strive to offer cost-effective, high-quality solutions tailored to fit all your home needs, without compromising on quality.

Great Communication

At Young Hans, great communication is a cornerstone of our business. Our staff is trained to answer all your questions in a super easy-to-understand manner, making sure you are well-informed at every stage of your project.

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Treat Yourself A Better Service Like Never Before

Young Hans Hardwood Floors and Windows is not just a business; it’s a cornerstone for quality, trust, and excellent workmanship in Perry Hall, MD. We look forward to serving you soon! Thank you for considering us for your next home improvement project. With us, you get quality, price, and the promise of a job well done.

If you are looking to replace your old windows and doors to help you save on energy, start here! Call us at (410) 541-1836 to request a free estimate and learn more about our range of services.

About Perry Hall MD

Perry Hall is the largest city of Maryland with a highly diversified economy and located about 40 miles northeast of Washington DC.

Perry Hall MD has an area of 239 km², and a population of 609,032 people as of 2019. The current mayor is Brandon Scott. Perry Hall MD was founded on July 30, 1729.

Why Visit Perry Hall MD?

Perry Hall MD is home to many attractions including the National Aquarium and The Walters Art Museum.

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Are Replacement Windows Worth It? 

You can rely on J Younghans & Sons’ team of experts to offer you with great service if you are seeking for a trustworthy Window Installation Perry Hall MD. Our window replacement company places a high value on client satisfaction and ensures that each project is given individual attention and performed safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Our window installer is highly trained and experienced in the Window Installation Perry Hall MD of various types of windows for both homeowners and business owners. We will make certain that you have the greatest window installation in Perry Hall, MD that meets your needs. 

Our goal is to serve homes and businesses in Perry Hall with high-quality windows, energy-efficient replacement windows at reasonable pricing – Window Replacement Perry Hall MD. We promise that the windows we sell are long-lasting, energy-efficient, and cost-effective with limited lifetime warranty. We provide a selection of Window Replacement Perry Hall MD such as awning windows, double-hung windows and picture windows at affordable prices that improve the appearance and value of your house.

How To Select The Best Window Installation Perry Hall MD

Are you looking for a quick and easy replacement window companies in Perry Hall city to replace your drafty windows or broken windows? Then leave the work to J Younghans & Sons. We will supply you with a variety of Window Replacement Perry Hall MD to select from, all of which can be quickly placed in your home or office. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest pre-made window styles and designs in Perry Hall and can assist you in deciding which would best suit your needs. Our window expert will also look at what kind of pre-made windows would look best in your house or office.

Best Custom Window Installation Perry Hall MD

Because windows are such an important part of a home’s overall appearance, having them made to order can significantly boost its value. Customizing your windows gives your home a distinct look and improves both the inside and outside of your property. Let our window installer hear your ideas and we’ll make your dream windows a reality, whether you’re looking for a specific window style or already have one in mind – Window Installation Perry Hall MD.

How Window Replacement Perry Hall MD Companies can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

Wherever the location of your home in Perry Hall, we offer doors installation and window replacement Perry Hall MD. You can also consider installing windows around or above the door for additional natural light and save energy in your home. Since adding windows requires a more involved task, make sure to organize this before installing the door itself.

Replacing your faded, weather-beaten door with a brand name brand-new one is an easy, relatively economical way to provide your home a facelift. Prepared for a brand-new entry door? Discover it in our inventory and contact our sales team to start today. door installation companies.

The setup procedure will depend on the type of door, but many of the standards provided in this post are applicable. Here are some fantastic suggestions that will help you on how to install a door.

Fascination About Perry Hall Window Company Near Me

The new door ought to be 2 inches less in width than the opening and 2-1/2 inches shorter in height. That extra space will permit you to set up the door frame. Prior to beginning with the door setup, check that the rough opening is plumb which the subsill is leveled. The subsill is no other than the floor under the door sill will be resting.

, through the hinge jamb near the hinge area. Leveling and Plumbing a Door To set up a door, the frame should be secured in location by using shims.

The door will be completely connected to the rough opening at these points later – Window Installation Perry Hall MD. Change the shims and frame until the jamb on one side of the door is plumb in both instructions. Inspect that a consistent space of approximately 18″ has actually been created in between the jamb and the edge of the door been set up.

The Buzz on Window Replacement Perry Hall MD Near Me

Open and close the door to ensure appropriate swinging. Inspect that an even contact has been produced in between the door face and the weather condition removing attached to the frame. Install a strong shim behind the lock strike location. driven through the shims at the hinge areas on the hinge jamb.

Set up the interior trim. Install the weather-strip at the base of the door as advised by the door maker.

Installing a door can be a tricky job, and you need to ensure you do it right since if you do not, you might find the door isn’t level or that you can’t open or close it appropriately – Door Installation Perry Hall MD. For this factor, you require to know the right actions to follow to make a success of the project.

5 Simple Techniques For Door Installation Perry Hall MD Companies

And if you’re looking for a detailed guide, here’s how to set up a door. If you want a sneak peek of some of the things we’re going to be speaking about along with a great deal of practical additional hints and suggestions you can have a look at this highly useful video prior to checking out on (window replacement companies Perry Hall, MD).

Step-by-step guide on how to install a door Here are the actions you need to follow to install a door. Action 1. Get rid of the old door and frame The very first action is to remove the old door and frame if it is still there. Start by getting rid of the old lock and hinge pins so you can raise the door out the frame.

The sides of the door are understood as the “jambs”, which comes from the French word for leg, jambe. You might in some cases hear people call the top of the door the “top jamb”, but this doesn’t make any sense we do not have legs on our heads!

The Only Guide to Door Installation Perry Hall MD Companies

This will secure the wall from damage, and you won’t require to repair or repaint it after – window installations companies near me Perry Hall. Step 2. Step and level the rough opening Prior to you purchase a new door, you require to check the dimensions of the rough opening. It might amaze you to know the sides are not always totally straight (“plumb”), the gap between the sides on top and the bottom might not be the exact same and the floor might not be level.

Procedure the height of the rough opening and measure the width at the top and the bottom (window installations companies near me). Next, you need to likewise examine the sides of the rough opening to see if they are level. They probably will not be perfect, however you require to understand just how much distinction there is considering that this will allow you to make sure the door you wish to set up will fit.

In this manner, you can be sure that you buy a door with the proper dimensions. Action 3. Inspect the sill The next step is very important. To ensure the door fits properly, you require to check the sill. If the flooring isn’t level, the door won’t open and close efficiently, so you need to check this out prior to proceeding.

Some Known Questions About Door Installation Perry Hall MD Near Me

Step the height of the shims you required to utilize (or the height in between the level and the flooring). This is the quantity you will need to eliminate from the bottom of one of the door jambs for the door to operate correctly – door installations companies Perry Hall. Step 4. Adjust the jamb according to the measurement you took The measurement you simply took informs you just how much higher the floor is at one side of the door compared to the other.

Take care that you cut the appropriate jamb. The one that will be on the side where the sill is higher is the one that requires to be shortened. If you cut the incorrect one, you will then need to take twice as much off the opposite to fix it, and if you do this, it will most likely imply the jambs no longer fit properly in your rough opening.

If you use a circular saw, utilize a blade with a bigger number of teeth to decrease splintering the wood as you work. Step 5. Protect the frame with shims You now need to protect the door frame in place using shims. Place one wood shim on the hinge side of the door and location another behind the hinge attachment in the door frame. window replacement companies.

The Facts About Window Replacement Perry Hall MD Companies Revealed

As you work, keep determining with the level and continue changing up until the frame is plumb (window replacements companies). This part of the work can take a little bit of time, however it is necessary to work thoroughly and make sure you get it right due to the fact that the door fitting properly depends on it. Step 6.

Use screws at each location where you placed the shims to fix the entire thing firmly. You can also put shims where the hinges go. This way, you can then screw them in with longer screws, providing an extra level of strength and rigidness. Step 7. Set the door in place and test it You can now set the door in location.

Insert the hinge pins and knock them in with a hammer if you require to. Window Installation Perry Hall MD. You can now test the door to see if it opens and closes properly. Preferably, you desire around a 1/8″ gap on top and along the strike side while you are searching for a 1/16″ gap on the hinge side.

How Window Replacement Perry Hall MD Near Me can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

Keep adjusting it as required until you get it just right. In some cases you might have trouble getting the depend upon the door to line up. If this takes place, you can loosen up the screws slightly to give yourself a bit more play. window installation. This will allow you to get the hinges lined up, after which you can tighten up the screws once again.

Fit the trim and end up If the door is in place and opens and closes correctly, you can now fit the trim and end up. Sand the trim lightly and paint as needed. You may also require to fit the doorknob, in which case you can do this now.

The technique is to utilize just enough so that it fills the space however not too much so that it expands and spills out of the gap. This is something that will most likely take a bit of practice, so begin off gradually till you get used to it. After this, when the jambs and header are all in location, putting the door up should be easy, and if you’ve done everything correctly, you need to find you have no issues with it opening or closing.

When it’s time to replace an ailing door or maybe upgrade to something brand-new, for the majority of applications your best choice is going to be a prehung door unit. A prehung door simply means that the door is already mounted onto the frame, which saves you all the work of mortising the frame and the door to receive the hinges.

While using prehung doors will significantly simplify your installation, you require to be particular that the door is properly ordered to fit the opening. Home centers and lumberyards frequently have specific common sizes and designs of doors in stock, or you can special-order doors in a huge range of designs and sizes to fit any opening in your house.

What Does Window Replacement Perry Hall MD Mean?

Prehung doors are offered in wood, wood composites, fiberglass and metal. You can select between paint-grade and stain-grade doors, along with numerous various styles. You will likewise have an option between solid-core doors, which are heavier, quieter and more safe, and hollow-core doors, which are cheaper. 2.

Nevertheless, the most typical and therefore the most fairly priced remain in widths between 2 and 3 feet, in 2-inch increments. The basic height of a door will be 6 feet 8 inches; 7-foot doors are also frequently offered, in addition to other heights by unique order – Window Installation Perry Hall MD. Keep in mind that when you define a door’s size, you are describing the door itself, not the total size of the prehung system.

Feet and inches are the most typical way of defining a door, but you will also see them referred to in inches in this case a 30-inch-by-80-inch door (door replacement near me). 3. The swing of the door: To determine this, take a look at the door as you stroll through it, with the door opening far from you.

Not known Facts About Door Replacement Perry Hall MD Near Me

If they’re on the right, it’s a right-hand door. 4. What kind of frame you desire: Frames are readily available in paint-grade wood or wood composites, stain-grain strong or veneered wood, and also metal. 5. The width of the jambs: The jambs are the three pieces of product that comprise the frame of the door, and they need to be sized to the completed depth of the door opening.

Another common size is 6 9/16 inches, which is meant for usage in walls framed with 2 x 6 lumber and having 1/2 inch of drywall on each side. 6. The bore: Prehung doors are likewise prebored to get the doorknob. The majority of doorknobs are a basic size, so you generally don’t truly require to fret about defining the size or area of the bore.

If you have any questions about whether or not the knobs you’ll be utilizing are standard, make sure and acquire the knobs before buying the doors, and have the doors tired accordingly – Window Replacement Perry Hall MD. Outside doors: For exterior prehung doors, you will typically likewise get the sill, door bottom and the weatherstripping pre-installed, which is another excellent timesaver.

Top Guidelines Of Window Replacement Perry Hall MD Near Me

The door bottom is normally aluminum, and the weatherstripping is most frequently a fabric-covered foam that snaps into a slot in the frame, and is extremely reliable at stopping drafts. 8. Special sizes: If you are framing or redesigning the wall where the door will go, ask your door provider what size the opening in the wall need to be to get the brand-new door (door installation).

If you are changing an existing door, your best bet is to eliminate the old door and frame first, then get a precise measurement of the height and width of the opening, along with the depth of the opening between the two completed wall surfaces. If you have these measurements for the door supplier, you’ll be assured of getting a door that fits the opening without any issues – door replacement Perry Hall MD.

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